feedback on my store

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regarding advertisements and marketing techniques, and if their is any fine tuning I need on my store. color changes, name, blogs, links, or products. Thank you, I appreciate honesty


Hello @ashleyandamaya1 ,

I just had a look at your store, it looks really great, there are few suggestions from my side, hope that helps you

  • I have noticed that there is no reviews option on the product page, try implementing the reviews option so that your customers can be able to choose the best product and also they will start trusting your products with the reviews written by other customers.
  • Also please try to add SEO friendly titles for your products so that it will be very helpful in marketing your products.
  • I have also noticed that there are no trust badges at the checkout page, adding trust badges makes the customers know that your site is safe to shop and their personal information will be secured and also they are safe at checkout.
  • I have also found that there are only fewer products in your store, add more products in the collection so that your customers will have a lot of options to select and purchase.


If you are dropshipper then aliexpress would be the perfect choice to import products from, as it has millions of products to select and also the products are very cheap compared to all other sites.

If you would like to dropship products from aliexpress then Droppersstop app would be the perfect choice to go for,it has all the features and also free plan available.


Hope our feedback helps you,




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