feedback on my store

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hello guys i would really appreciate if you could give me some feedback on my store 


Hello @LifestyleGuru  I just run an assessment on your store using Woorank, and also ran a manual eyescan on your page and have the following feedback I found these

Your Woorank score is 63 which is not bad. It shows that your page has a fair chance of being found, albeit, not on the first pages of a search of a keyword relating to your page. You can however improve your page's findability by including more social links apart from the ones you have (I see you have Instagram and Facebook). I'll propose that you add Pinterest and Twitter to increase your page's visibility.

From my eyescan of your page I also realise that you have an app that allows your customers to reach you - that is fantastic. You could augment that by getting an app that helps you with resolving user issues, to cut down on the queries that you need to deal with, as well as help you manage your issue queues.

Your page however could do with some redecorating.

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