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Dears, hi, im urgently in need for your help.

I have a store, linked it to fb, started ad campaign and even got 1 sale yesterday night. Next day my post on Facebook i was boosting was deleted, i chat wirg fb suppirt thay could not tell me the reason even it was written that my site has abusive content, which is impossible as im selling supplies for dogs. Later yetsterday they totally blocked my page , i asked for the explanation - no clear answer, just case was created and i should wait. and because of covid they cannot guarantee they will revierw it. crazy right?

I can wait but i need to know the reason.

I tried to connect another page to my store- but how would i know it wont be blocked again?

I just started and feel so demotivated as cannot get any help or explanation, and i cannot advertise not on FB not on Insta..... im lost.


Maybe someone had the same situation? what should i do? should i close the store and start all over again?


tahnk you in advancw



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Hey Ekaterina,


Can you link your website and send me an email to I want to help you solve this issue.