its has been 3 mouth but little sale please review my store,

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hello idk if i did something wrong but could u guys check out my store 

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Hey, I review your site nice store. For little sales, I think you should use some apps to increase brand trust. Probably bounce rate is high. I recommend Nextsale app. When you use it increases trust in people and convert leads to sales by using Social proof & Urgency tools. You can add it for free and see how it works. When visitors come to your site they will see comments of previous buyers ( real) on the below. It will create trust in them and sales will boost! The bounce rate will be lower, more customers will buy your products. Just try it, it is in below,  click on it and see. Good luck!  

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey there, @sani123 


Bo here from Shopify Support! 


I absolutely love your page. Such a cool Viking vibe to it, I can see that you put a massive amount of work into getting this up and running so very well done. There are a few things we can tweak to get you some sales.


 I noticed that your product image sizes vary. While this is not technically an issue, your store would look that bit more polished and professional if all the images were of a standard size, especially in collection pages etc. I would recommend using an app such as Photo Resize to get all of your images uniform. 


I can see that you have a Privacy Policy page linked in your navigation, however, it leads me to a blank page. It is also important to link your store's policies on shipping, refunds, and terms of service to your store. A guide on doing so can be found here. 


Browsing through your page I noticed that most of your products are currently on sale. When a company offers a discount to their customers, they’re taking a big risk of devaluing their services. Customers can get the impression that the services being offered aren’t worth paying full price for. It also sets a precedent in the customer’s mind that your pricing isn’t firm. When promoting sales it is important to use scarcity and urgency to your advantage. If your store is constantly offering discounted prices it is not going to create any urgency, your customer won't see the need in buying right away as there is no end to the sale in sight. It is great to see that you are offering free shipping, but offering the free shipping for a limited time, as well as offering the discounts for a limited time would be much more effective in getting those first few sales. Take a look at our post on using urgency and scarcity to your advantage for more information on this.


The high number of customers that are visiting the homepage and then leaving has me wondering if you are perhaps targeting the right audience with your ads? Sprout Social has a great guide on "How to Master Facebook Ad Targeting & Zero-In on Your Audience". I would recommend checking it out here to make sure you are targeting your ads as effectively as you possibly can as your products are so niche, your store is perfect for targeted ads. 


All the Best,






Bo | Social Care @ Shopify
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