new store, please review

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I'v launched a new store. i want your feedback on it

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Hiii Dear

Your work towards the store is great and appreciable. I went thoroughly not may but few areas where changes need to added/done.

  1. Your store title is simple and good but also Design a nice fevicon (logo) and add it to the store title for  professional look.
  2. Try to Redesign the footer section and adjust the content orderly. Since the content in the footer part is looking odd.
  3. Online promotions initiation is good but please upload more number of collections to attract the customers towards the store.Also give a hyperlink to both Facebook and Instagram to open in a new window.
  4. I didn't find any Reviews on your products. I Suggest you to install any Good Customer Review app to improve your sales further. Since most of the customers refer Reviews before they purchase any product.
  5. I didn't find any Related collections list if i access to any particular product. So try to provide the list of related products in order to improve the cross sales.
  6. Please provide more details or Address related to your store which may helpful for the customer at any time and builds trust on your store.
  7. You have mentioned terms ,Privacy policies etc which is good but also provide Terms and Conditions checkbox before the payment process. This is to avoid all the issues related to Refund/Return policies.

Overall the site is good. All the best.

Thank you