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Here the link to my store:

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Hi just quickly looking over your store here are my thoughts. For just starting its better than most. You need to elaborate more on your About us section. Also divided your shirts up into more categories than men and women such as the style. While you have a lot of great products what is your niche? graphic tshirts, tshirts with animals on them, funny tshirts? Select one and roll with it, not saying it has to be one of those. This will help when you start to run ads. Also, just like starbucks makes you think coffee Neshfash should make me think of the niche you are in. Overall better than most new stores. Let me know if you'd like me to elaborate. 




You have a great and clean site overall. Here are some of the changed I would look at making and testing out. I have worked on ASOS, Jack Wills and with startup ecom brands in the USA.


  1. Your homepage image would suggest a clean minimalistic clothing but then the next section has tons of different designs. I would make sure you focus on the style and type of clothes you are going to sell. Have a consistent theme.

  2. You need to make sure each product has a product description. Some do have it, some have one line and other don't have one. Also make sure you product description sits right below your  Add To Cart / Buy Button

  3. Sizing guide is needed on each product page. This will help people make sure they buy the right size

  4. Once you get customer reviews... display it on product pages. Start to ask for reviews as you get customers.

  5. Link to the return/refund policy on each product page.. like you do for shopping

Doing the above will take your store to the next level. Hope you found this helpful, if you did then please click "like" below to let me know.

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