please check my store

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Selling perfumes in uk.

What do you think? Thanks.

I would apprecciate some feedback, good and bad.


Dear Perfumist,


Congratulations for your store!!


I’ve gone through your store and found that there are quite a few things missing on your store which if added can really make a lot of difference to the user experience, conversion rate and your overall sales. Here is a page-by-page/sectional review of your site:


  • Mobile Speed Need to Improve, Currently 16-25 . you need to improve website speed to make it more user-friendly for both device desktop and mobile. 
  • Add favicon
  • Add Promotional banner on collection page - You can show images of featured, bestseller or popular products on the collection page banner. Example of Good Collection Page
  • Banners of home page need to improve with CTA
  • Add Testimonials at homepage - They add to the trust factor as when customers see what other buyers have to say about your products, it makes them more sure about your brand.
  • Do some on page SEO
  • Index all your product to Google
  • Header section can be more better
Best Regards
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congratulation on your perfume store