please give feedback on my store

5 0 0 please check out my store and give me feed back i have not had visitors i just launched my store. your feedback will be highly appreciated 

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Looks like you have put a fair bit of work into your store, well done! 


On the right track:

  • A clear and easily navigable homepage
  • Blog, contact, privacy, and similar essential pages exist
  • Variety of quality photographs clearly displaying your products, colors, and more
  • Clear descriptions covering a variety of features (still: might benefit from a lengthier description)


Areas to improve:

  • Have a unique domain name: helps build brand awareness, improves ads on Google & facebook, as well as your store credibility
  • Associate your site with a Facebook page or similar social media for additional exposure
  • Further optimize for mobile devices: for example: when viewing and changing between product pictures
  • Correct writing errors: errors can cause confusion and discourage your clients- in the About Us section, and similar areas, (about us: see: "Accessory is an important part to a ...." --> Try: "Accessories are an important part of a ..."
  • add your products page to your menu: Allow customers to easily navigate to your products from the blog or other pages
  • once open, add customer reviews to help increase customer confidence

If you have any questions or are interested in learning how you can also begin or improve your advertising campaigns, feel free to check us out at or contact us here


Hope this was helpful!

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I had look into your website.
Header section is very long in size it’s not much great looking.
And I see one of your item in view page, item contains only specifications you can add the description of items, An elegantly composed item description clarifies the advantages of the item and persuades the customer that they need the item as well as need it. Your item description is the one you need to catch their eye to in light of the fact that it can without much of a stretch pull in them and influence them to put in a request.
Have you created Facebook and Instagram pages for your website? Am unable to find it in your website. You can add Social media pages links in your website. Otherwise, Great work you have done on your website.


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Hi Rokhetha_,

  • The favicon: Your store doesn't have a favicon at the moment. A favicon is a small square image or logo that appears on the browser tabs, as well as on browser pages that list web addresses, such as the bookmarks page. It helps strengthen your brand and to add a polished look to your website. Here's how you can add a favicon to your store.
  • You have a professional email address, it helps to improve the customers trust.
  • The Footer section needs to be organized.
  • Your store doesn't have any social media icons/buttons/links. I suggest you have them at least on the footer menu. You'd be pleasantly surprised at how many people will check your links out.
  • I noticed that you have a newsletter subscription box. I would suggest adding a bonus (such as a discount code) to entice your site visitor to sign up.
  • No related product list. It is very helpful in improving your cross sales so i suggest provide featured collections or related product list.
  • You are going to need to write persuasive product descriptions for each product.

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Thank you so much


Hello Delicate Lady,
Your store is not organised at all. There are things which needs improvement at its best. I see no collections or navigation menus etc.
Feel free to connect with me for further discussion.

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Hello. I took a look at your store. Here are a few things I saw.



What are your USP ( unique selling propositions)

What do you do and why do you do it.


MESSAGING/ Tell me why I should care.

trust: Who are you and why should i trust you as a brand. People only buy products from brands they trust.  Your homepage is your chance to make a first impression.


ACQUISITION+ NURTURE/ Email and exit intents.

you will need to build trust through a  nurtured relationship.

1. Giveaways to build an email list

2. Exit intents to capture abandoned visitors 

3. Exit intents to push users through the checkout process 

4. Nurture email drip campaigns


CONVERSION/ Product page


1. Reviews

2. videos

3. Testimonials 

4. Money back guarantee 

5. Live help


TRUST BUILDING/ about page. Design and build a story about the brand 

1. "Why" you do what you do

2. Be transparent 

3. Tell your story



















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