please review my store

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Good Day,

Kindly requesting a review of my store. Feedback welcome.

Hi @shopsps 


I personally wouldn't use Oberlo right now. Might be better to drop ship from US based drop shipping services like the below. 


This way you will get fast shipping and no problems with products coming in from China. 


Few suggestions to improve your website 

  • Home Page (flow)
  • Product Description (needs to improve)
  • Product Tabs (add these)
  • Add reviews (product page)
  • Site Navigation (Simple)
  • Logo (easier to read)
  • Footer (add policy pages)
  • Mobile Friendly 


Overall good start. Keep up the good work.



Clayton Bates 

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Hi @shopsps !

Here are some of my feedback to improve your store :

  • The SHOP button in the first section look quite awkward. Right now, it overlap the text of your banner , my recommendation is create the hero image by real text + CTA with image background.
  • Your homepage can be sorted by the better flow : Hero image - Sale banner - About - Featured product - Review section ...
  • Undetected space appear between your content and footer ( image )
  • Add countdown timer to your sale product to increase FOMO effect
  • Invest more content ( image / video / story .. ) to your blog and About us page to increase reputation

Hope you find them helpful. Best of luck to your business !

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Hi @shopsps 


The site is very neat and feels cozy :) I assume you are a drop-shipping company, however your site does not seem like one and it is good. 

The fact that you have a blog, makes your site stand out. You are doing a great job, so here are a couple of things I suggest changing/adding to improve your conversions and functionality: 


1) Reduce the size of the footer menu 

2) The GET 15% OFF sign is cropped, see if you can display the full image 

3) Instead of giving discount for nothing, give them as rewards for completing certain actions on your store ex. for creating accounts, for leaving a review, for sharing your site, for spending money on your site. It is not difficult for a user to do and you will get so many actions on your site, and you are having discounts anyway.

4)Implement an opportunity to log in and sign up using Social Media account. We all have accounts at least in one social media. And if I have an opportunity to create an account just with one click, I will do it. having an easier way to Sign in will help you gather customer base. The most valuable thing for a company is the customer

5) For better functionality I recommend using Growave. We offer a strong marketing tool that offers 10 features within. Here are some, Social Login, Discounts, Rewards, Reviews etc. 


Hopefully, I managed to help you, if so please let me know by liking this post. 


Best of luck! 

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Hey SPS Cosmetics,

"Products photography" is like an ambassador sharing the promise of your products online, Hence, All products if photographed over a white background would definitely impart a uniform look and consistency to the product page. Apart from it, some other aspects to be worked on in order to impart more professionalism to your store are mentioned below as follows:

  1. "Video demonstration" of the different cosmetic store products would facilitate ease of customer understanding for store brand.
  2. The search landing page is disabled.
  3. Variety in payment gateways apart from "Gpay" and "Paypal" would help in offering different options to the customers to pay according to their requirements.
  4. For imparting completeness, A "home" button is a must at the starting of the main menu of any ecommerce store.
  5. The "currency converter" should be placed on the header top right(beside the language converter) instead of the footer.
  6. The footer should be remodified to get a more well-organized look. Arrange all the footer links vertically for better placement and orientation.
  7. "Featured and New Arrivals" are a must to be included in the homepage for better site popularity and depicting peculiarity as well.
  8. "Contact us" section is incomplete without a contact form.
  9. "About us" section should certainly be descriptive. Add some images and a little more description to make it look more detailed.
  10. Adding a newsletter in the footer is sufficient for keeping customers updated regarding the latest discounts and promotional events.
  11. The addition of the "Instagram gallery" helps to boost overall brand promotion.
  12. Site legitimacy can be increased by adding "Trust Badges" near the site footer.
  13. You can also install one of the most popular app Growwave which is all in one marketing platform that helps store owners increase conversions with ease.
  14. Filters are very important for customers in order to identify the correct product from the huge catalog. So, you should look for advanced filter options for your store.
  15. Finally, I would also recommend replacing the default search with an advanced search like Sparq which allows synonyms, advanced custom tag filters, spelling correction, and other such features. Visitors with search are high intent users and their conversion rate is higher than normal users.
    Check out the features live here
    You can use Sparq free trial for as many products in your store. After the trial period, you can enjoy with Sparq’s Free Starter Plan for upto 1000* products.


May the store perform well and climb the ladder of success in the coming days.

Neha :)

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Hello @shopsps,

1. Home Page should flow better. I would recommend setting it out like this. 

-Slideshow Image 

-Collection List  

-Popular Products ( 4-8 Max ) I would only use 4


-Newsletter sign up box

2. Start giving loyalty points on activities like on signing up, allowing for push notifications, visiting a store, leaving a review. This will help you to entice your visitors and will also increase the number of push subscribers, reviews, newsletter subscribers. A loyalty program helps in increasing sales and increase the retention rate.

3. Also, add a web push notification. It turns visitors into subscribers and subscribers into customers. It can be sent even when customers are not on your store and bring back the losing customer to your store. You can also send an abandoned cart push notification, it helps to reduce the abandoned cart rate.

4. Start a referral program, it helps in increasing sales and creates brand awareness. You can ask your customers to refer a product to their friends and family. When the product is referred by some known, people tend to purchase the product. The referral program helps in increasing sales. You can give a reward for referring the product.

5. You can add a countdown timer to create urgency for your promotions or offers with the countdown timer bar and motivate your customers to buy more from the store.  It helps in increasing sales.


To implement these marketing tools on your store to increase conversions you can install It is 'All in One' Shopify app that has all the essential features in a single app and is a fully integrated app.  Plus you don't need to install multiple apps. You can check it out. I am sure you will find it useful.

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