searching feedback and perhaps tips too. please!!!

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Hi there.... Well being straight to the point -> I need some feedback, tips opinion on my shop, with 3 months now open. And i haven't be able to make any sale. I don't know what am i doing wrong, i do have a good feedback about the web page and the products... But the sales, i just can't make them. Please, appreciate your opinions! 

My shop->

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Omg I love your store!!! Your product pictures are bright, clear and inviting. Everything looks like it’s on a professional level. One thing that did throw me off was the automatic pop up post to sign up to your newsletter “right away” before I got a chance to actually check out your website and see what you had to offer. It made me want to just exit out of it in excitement to check out your website. Perhaps if it popped up after a few scrolls on your website it would have been a different reaction.

Other than that.. you mentioned that your not getting a lot of sales.. what are some things you are doing to market your products and get them in front of your target audience?

I was also wondering.. are your products drop ship product photos or did you hire a photographer to take your photos? They look GREAT!

I have an online boutique over at If you have a little extra time I am open to feedback on my site as well.

Thank you and Good Luck with your business.
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Hello Sade Glamour

Thank you so much for the compliments and or the opinion about the pop up
and web site, product and general. Indeed this pop up was something that i
was always forgetting to optimise, you are so right '' it is annoying t get
into a page and the pop-up pops up straight away''. I already made gave
some delay to it, so that it comes a bit later on, when viewers have
engaged more.

About your shop, i did have a look to it... i do like your products, i
think women in general would love the stuff you have. The theme and the
arrangements you have also seem very professional, i red your ''about
page''. And its well written and i could feel the hard work and the passion
that you put into your business/products. I liked the fact that you are the
designer and the model, you are very good looking too. I think you have a
pretty and very nice shop although in my opinion as a photographer and
multi media designer, i really think you should invest more on your photos,
make them look more professional, I mean i saw doors on your back ground, i
could see the walls, i think you should upload pictures that were really
made on a studio and maybe also worked a bit on it, erase parts that you do
not want, tones, light, shadows, things like that... making your portfolio
more fashion magazine looking, i think that would lift up your shop, make
your products look better and also your carrear as model too. I also do not
know if i really like the pink, maybe its a bit aggressive, but maybe i
find that because i am ''male'', but well maybe you could change that to a
more soft pink, a pink that its more light or pastel, i think would make it
look more calm and glamorous, look to some pink colour pallets and probably
you i find one that you will like it. And for the last, but maybe that was
your option from the start, but perhaps a facebook button, i did not see
one, well a lot of people youse facebook, it is a good place to engage with
people, expose your stuff, creating fun bases, just one more way to help
you spread your brand, and you can also link your shop to it and sale it
straight from there. Pinterest is Also cool, and Etsy.

Over all, I liked you, your products, the theme that you are using, the
designs, the friendly feeling when coming in to your page.. and that
straight away your products are visible. Keep up the good work!!!

Thank you/Kind Regards
E/C ツ