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I had my store open since 2017 but have had no sales , I sell Men's and Women's clothing from lifestyle to activewear and just added swimwear. In 2017 in December I had traffic up to 2500 visits a day but no sales , I was using a company called TABOOLA  to generate my traffic 90% of traffic was only going to my main page not looking at products . Because they charging so much money with no results I stop using them my traffic went from 2500 a day to not even 20 visits a day. I thought the traffic was bots . I resigned my website had professionals to review my store to make sure my apps are all working. I getting lot of interest in my swimwear range and getting a lot of likes on Instagram , I advertise on all social media offer free shipping and other discounts but can not get sales . I have tried everything need help.




Grove: an all-in-one marketing platform that helps Shopify brands reach their audience, engage users and increase conversions with ease.

JivoChat- Your key to success when it comes to making sales: use JivoChat to reach leads through live chat, Facebook, email, and voice services.

Boost Convert: A free app provides social proof notifications and countdowns to earn trust and trigger fear of missing out in order to speed up the checkout progress

Currency Converter Box by Autoketing - 100% FREE to convert all currencies based customer’s location on the world.

Plobal Apps - Convert your store into native iOS and Android apps, and open a direct sales channel with your most loyal customers.


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