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Hey @Ra3 Your store looks fine. I see you've spent a lot of time in coming up with an attractive UI of your store. Here is my addition to it - 

1. In your homepage, try and feature your collections on top! The image is also perfect, but you can shift the image down and bring up your featured collection! 

2. Some of your products are sold but they don't have any review. You should reach out to the buyers and ask for reviews! 

3. Because you have home decor products, Shopify's is a must have app! It uses VR technique with which users can test your product with their smartphone and see how the product will look like in their home! 

4. Are you selling on other marketplaces ? Etsy, Amazon, Walmart, OnBuy? Because you have a nice website, maybe you should try other marketplaces?

Rest, you have added nice CTAs! Now its time to look into your sales funnel, marketing and sales strategy! If you're spending on ads, you should stop for a while and drive traffic organically. and then when organic ways have reaped things well, you can choose the paid ways!

I'm from CedCommerce - a group of coders and tech enthusiasts trying to help eCommerce guys with their store set up. You can reach out to me anytime for any kind of customisation ; add-ons or drafting sales/marketing/social media strategy! We have helped quite a few entrepreneurs in their journey, and if you need a helping hand, we would be glad to offer one! 

Ps. I'm just a message away! 

Wish you luck for your Shopify journey! Cheers! .-. 

Helping store owners in their smooth eCommerce journey! ;)
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Hi, @Ra3  welcome to Shopify family, 

I hope your business is going well during these difficult times. I checked your store website, and I have a few tips and feedback I'd like to share,

1. The logo is not visible and the placement can be changed from the center to the top left as people will memorize the brand because people are habituated reading from left for right.
2. The header menu has to be placed above the landing menu. The addition of video to a landing page increases conversations by 80%. evaluate your competitor’s websites after browsing through a few of their websites, compare your findings to your own site.
3.  Branded video content is likely to take over consumers who are 300% most likely to watch a video about a product rather than read a description. 
4. Add a section of frequently brought/suggested items this will increase the product value and it will be reviewed as well. Bigger images in your catalouge view product list with bigger images and hidden description can increase sales and will add brand value to your products.
5. The addition of most viewed or most liked section on your homepage will significantly increase the percentage of gallery review. Ask your customers to rate your products as this will help build trust and loyalty for the brand.
6. Product badges are a great way to highlight specific products in your store so they stand out. Getting your customers to take notice of the best product offerings and promotions means your sales campaigns should be even more successful. You can even combine product badges with proven marketing techniques such as scarcity and social proof and your products should sell even faster.

I hope this helps!


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awesome and colorful home page you have @Ra3 


I would suggest gaining more followers in your social networks rather than collecting emails.


next suggestion, you may put valuable reviews of your product like 

As an example, you can extract reviews via (Shopify data extractor) - from your supplier.

You need reviews because customers belive to customers but not your product description..

if you have reviews with photos and feedbacks with a different lexicon you will have a better conversion for sure.

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Hi @Ra3

On top of other great suggestions made by other users, I will give you a bit different insight.

Please note, I did my tests on Chrome (macOS), I would assume that if full cross-browser test is run, more issues will be found.

Some of the ux elements are poorly executed and does not follow web standards or best practices. See below:

Body under popup should not be scrollable

Screenshot 2020-07-13 at 19.44.09.png

I found multiple instances where content was missing, creating impression, that site is not finished, thus loosing customer trust.

Screenshot 2020-07-13 at 19.43.22.png

Screenshot 2020-07-13 at 19.43.34.png


Under the hood:
A lot of time these important factors are overlooked, please see reports from your site below:

Screenshot 2020-07-13 at 19.41.32.png

Screenshot 2020-07-13 at 19.42.40.png

Shopify is a great platform and will bring you tons of profit, if executed correctly.
Keep doing what you do, push to get your store close as possible to perfection, or hire a professional to take your store to the next level.

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Shopify is a great platform and will make you a ton of profit, if executed correctly.
Push it to make your store as perfect as you can, or hire a professional to take your store to next level.