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Hi everyone ! 
I just got into this world not too long ago and I was just hoping on getting some feedback on my store! Any ideas in what I could improve it etc!

thank you !

Dear @FabiolaB 


Please share your store url.

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Hi @FabiolaB

Just take a look at your store and have some comments for you:

- Move this photo to the right. Also the section below. 



- Add the Checkout button under the Add to cart button on your product pages. 

- On your homepage, you can try to show more products by adding sections like featured products or an Instagram gallery. 

Also, I see many photo reviews, you can create an Instagram gallery with those photos to increase proof. 

Check it out if you want to create a gallery: Shoppable Instagram Gallery 

- The Track your order service is good, try to keep it up. 

Hope it helps!

Happy selling, 


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Hi @FabiolaB 

Just had a look at your store. Here is my feedback on how to improve it further.

* Add a video to your homepage showcasing all your offers to the audience. A much like a Marketing video. The homepage creates the first impression so make sure that you have a strong message there to captivate your audience right away. 

* Add your social platforms icons in the header/footer section.

In the long run, add a blog page to your store. Share weekly articles on it to boost your organic Google rankings. This practice will help your website's SEO.

* Add a Facebook live chat widget in there. This way you can connect your audience through Facebook and also you would be able to answer their queries.

* At present, I see there is no mechanism of collecting your visitors' email ids from your store. You can do this by integrating abandoned cart recovery from CareCart. This practice will allow you to capture your visitors' email ids and you can remarket your customized offers to them. Good Luck


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Hello, @FabiolaB great site you have.

I like that your products have customer testimonials.  Also, you may add some live chat. Personally, I like FB chat integration, so users will have access to you.

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Thank you for the post! this is truly helpful.
I had also some issues on my store now I found solutions on this post. Again thanks.