type of logo./. and what does my store need ?

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Hi - I run the www.myquietcomfort.com 

Which is a tool, like rosary beads, worry beads, mala beads. 

The Tag Line is.  Bring Comfort EveryWhere. if you type the tag line into google - the site comes up


People have said they like the logo and layout... and others not so much. Swan is the current logo ...    I like the symbolism of a swan..  but some think it is irrelevant.  IMG_0262.jpeg


At first we wanted all the pictures to be on hands  .. but this changed to include items that show relative size or a color that relects the color of the comforts   
My husband is convinced that if I change the domaine name to  the key words. Relax, figet Comfort. that traffic will come.  
He also thinks that the background should be plain white.  Like the Etsey shop called Comfort beads
=The webside on Etsey is a Comfortbeads. and a rival product althought I did not see it beforhand. 
I am struggleing with uploading th catalogue to Facebook It doesn't want it. 
Here are my questions again:
which picture is the best logo
what should the background be? Cloth, hands, or white
How do I get backlinks?
I have been tweeting, fb, instagram and sometimes  but I have no traffic 
How can I generate more traffic?
Thanks Lee


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Hey @gracieinnh,

Congratulations on launching your Shopify store!

The thing about launching a store on the world-wide web is that you are competing in a search pool with everyone else who sells something similar to you. Ways you can get around this are:

1. Selling locally first (join local community groups, Facebook pages, online trade shows). Make sure to include a business card with every purchase that includes an incentive (such as a percentage off) for their next online purchase. This encourages people to purchase through your online store and that way the next time someone compliments a piece someone is wearing, they can refer them to your website that they now know you have.

2. Having good SEO. You husband was onto something about the keywords.  By default, Shopify will use your product titles and descriptions and use that as your SEO (that is what is happening in your case). A common mistake in SEO is using the wrong words. You have to include words that a person trying to find your product would search in Google. I'll show you an example using one of your products, this is how it would show up in search or social media shares:


A person searching for this type of product in Google wouldn't search "Strands of Comfort" they would instead type something like "rosary tassel", I'm not familiar with this type of product so I cannot say for sure, but hopefully I'm getting my point across even if I didn't choose the correct term. Essentially, you want to use the words someone would be typing into Google. We see it a lot, store owners get plenty of traffic but no sales and they are left discouraged and frustrated. We did a whole video on how to do your SEO, you can watch it here:

3. Another great way to get your name out there (for free) is to get on social media. Make creative content and post it. I feel like your product is well suited for Facebook so I'd recommend checking out other people who are selling something similar and get inspiration from them. See which content gives them the most likes/shares/comments and think of how you could do something similar.

Now, to answer your questions:

which picture is the best logo: I wouldn't recommend either. I would recommend going to Fiverr and hiring someone to make you a logo. You can get one done very inexpensively that looks very professional.
what should the background be? Cloth, hands, or white: I think you can have fun with a few and see which resonates best with your audience when you post on social media. For your store, you can add multiple product images so I say go ahead and play around, have some in hands or cloth but I would suggest the main photo for all of them be on white so that there is consistency between all of your main photos.
How do I get backlinks? You can share your link with people who run websites, social media pages, forums and etc. that have the kind of audience you are trying to reach. You can also share links back to your website by using Shopify's sales channels. Using sales channels allows you to tag your products on Facebook so that if a person sees them they can click and purchase it from your store. 
I have been tweeting, fb, instagram and sometimes  but I have no traffic. How can I generate more traffic? I covered this question at the beginning but just as a quick tip, you don't want to have all traffic to your store, you want the right kind of traffic. Be very intentional about the tags, hashtags and what platforms you are using to get the word out. You want to reach your intended audience so go to the places where they spend their time. As I mentioned before, I think your target audience is primarily on Facebook.
Sincerely wish you all the best!

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Best of luck!

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Thank YOU ! lots of good information.

Happy Holidays

C. Lee Guerette
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Hello @gracieinnh 

Looks like you have given a lot of thought into your store. Trust me, that is the best way to go and you will definitely see results of that. 

Before answering your questions, here are a few tips I would like you to consider: 

a) There is a lot of text on your website, especially on the homepage. People usually don't read all that stuff, and it will be better if you add an about us section to organize all that text more comfortably. You can instead put more pictures on your homepage. 

b) Consider adding a header to your homepage, where you can feature all your products separately. So, the ideal thing to do would be to have a separate page for each product type and then add headers for those pages to your homepage. On that note, consider making your header sticky, so that it is visible even when the customer scrolls down. 

Now, for your questions:


It is not a good idea to have a stock image as your logo. A logo should be personalized and should communicate your message clearly, which a custom made logo would do ,much better than an image from the web. As mentioned before, there are a lot of sites that will create your logo for you. You may want to check them out. Some suggestions: look at symbols for comfort or relaxation, and try to put the letters M, Q and C in the logo, so that it clearly states My Quiet Comfort. 

Background of Image:

I understand that you are confused which should be the background of your image. this is indeed a very important thing to ponder over for an online store. Because people cannot touch and feel products online, they rely heavily on the looks, and it affects purchase decision a lot. That is why, it is a good idea to have multiple images, from multiple angles. So you could have one image with the hand, another one with the hand wearing the product, another with matching aesthetic background. Regarding imagery, it is a "the more the merrier" concept. 

How to get more traffic: 

I can see that you have been trying everywhere for traffics. Sometimes, too much traffic is not helpful at all, unless you are targeting the right people to your website. For instance, if your products are catered to females under 30, regardless of how many males over 50 come to your website, traffic is increasing, but sales will not. So the first step is to identify who is the target market, who would be looking for your products. A simple google trend search will tell you, what location, what age, what gender your customers come from. Then, you can begin targeting them on Facebook, Instagram, and create sponsored ads that will show up only on your target market's newsfeed. 

That's all from me. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. 

Thank You! 

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