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Hello, Ive setup my website for dropshipping , im getting many interactions on social media but didn't make a sale yet, please take a loot at my set up and give me your feedback on what am i missing

store url is


thanks in advance

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Hey there, 


Delighted to have stumbled upon your store! Your products look beautiful, definitely a step towards the right direction. I only have a few recommendations for you. 

  • Add a section for customer reviews when you get them. This helps build social proof and makes it easier for people to trust your brand. Ask past customers for reviews is a great way to get this started.
  • Make sure all your product images are the same size and dimensions and the same style/brand as you add more. This is going to help tie your site together.
  • Add a section at the bottom of product pages to show your most viewed/bought items from the site. This can help increase your average order value.
  • You need to create a some urgency and social proof on your store. You can use an app that provides you tools like a countdown timer, limited offers and even social proof.
  • Create an incentive to take action by running your sales and offers for a limited time. One effective way to create time pressure is to use a countdown timer on your site. I'll provide you with a few links of apps that do the same.  

  Links - 

Urgency Pack Ultimate

Ultimate Sales Boost

Social Proof Urgency App


One parting tip: like many other techniques, the urgency is best used in moderation. Don’t try to put pressure on your potential customers all the time, or they’ll stop taking your offers seriously.


Instead, focus on periodically offering great deals that really are limited.


Hopefully my insights will be of help to you. 



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