website review and feedback please

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Hey gang, I've had my site up for about 6 months and would love some feedback on how it looks, functionality, etc;


My company sells large format printers, materials and inks to photographers, fine art reproducers, tradeshow and retail graphics companies, etc. Thank you for taking the time to check it out and for your feedback.


Your store looks great and not a lot I would change, if we had you as a client. It would be interesting to run a/b tests around;

  1. Does having less or more photos on a product page drive more sales

  2. Does having a video on certain products help sales 

  3. Does more or less carousel images help us or hurt on the homepage

When you have a good base store. It's time to start a/b testing and figuring out how you can move the needle and drive more sale. If you feel this was helpful, please click "like" below.

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