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Hi guys,

We are an apparel manufacturing company operating out of Toronto, Canada - offering full cut and sew services. Our prices are unbeatable because we own our own knitting mills and produce our own fabric.

We specialize in woven and knitwear and can produce custom fabric to match Pantone colors in the dyeing process and also custom yarn content and weight (GSM).

We produce bomber jackets, leather jackets, denim, winter jackets, hoodies, Tshirts, socks, hats and boxers to list a few.

We have digitized embroidery capacity and all print capability including gold foil and sublimation. Our minimums are as low as 30 pcs.

I would love to connect with you and discuss production solutions for you. My family has been in this business for decades and I have chosen the streetwear scene as my niche market. I think the knowledge I have to share with you will be valuable to your business.

I have presented at the Business of Fashion Conference, Design Exchange, Startup Fashion Week in Toronto. I look forward to connecting with you. We produce for designers who retail at Supreme stores worldwide. I look forward to hearin from you.

You may emai me here -



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Hi! I have a friend that's in the dance niche and he wants to start creating apparel, preferably hoodies now that the winter season is looming. 

Do you offer a line of hoodies, sweaters, and athletic styled apparel? 

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Hi Mighty,  


I am apparel manufacturer in China , you can ask your friend to contact me .


OF Fashion Company

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