Clothing Manufacturers?

Hello Everyone, I'm sure most Apparel Buyers or people who are trying to start new fashion line got  hard time to find for a quality & best manufacturer. Im going to solve this problem for you today!
You might have or have not heard about Zeria Textile company, Zeria Textile (Zeriatex) is a quality trusted Apparel Manufacturers From Istanbul Turkey. We have been listed in numerous business magazines for our innovation and the quality of the products we Manufactured and Supplied more than twenty times more in the ten years that we have been in operation. We have been working with big brands in Europe, Africa and Asia past 49 years of our experience in textile industry.
Keep it in mind that Zeriatex is a vertical textile producing and Clothing Manufacturers Company starting from yarn to fabric to Manufacturing Clothes, as well as accessories such as shawl & scarf, etc. We are producers of light woven kind of fabrics and process then to ready made clothes like dresses, skirts, blouse, shorts and etc. While most of our clients rely on people to outsource their products from an integrated manufacturer like Zeriatex. You can access our company profile, portfolios and more information from our cooperative website .