Does crowd funding work for a fully functional brand?

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Hello everyone,

first off i woud like to introduce myself, my name is Lewis Percival and i own a gym apparel company.

We are fully functional brand that seems to be out of the teething stage and is gradually growing. However we have a exhibition coming up in May, my question is do crowd funding campaigns work to help a brand grow. 

Our issue is the huge cost of the expo and the new clothing lines we would have to get for the show with 100,000 people expected to show. Obviously there is the route of loans or investments but i am just curious regarding crowd funding.


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Hello Lewis,

Yep! There have been companies in the past that do crowd funding campaigns that have been successful in the past :)

I highly recommend for you to have tiered rewards, such as shirts or anything of the sort, it's definitely something pretty much required for Crowd Funding now.

I sincerely hope this helps, have a wonderful day!



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Crowdfunding can be even more successful for existing companies over new companies as you already have a customer base who you've dealt with before and convinced that you are worth the risk, which is probably the hardest part for new campaigns.

Mamahuhu used Kickstarter to open their first store, and again for campaigns of their new shoes. These campaigns actually help alot with marketing, as well as sales and initial investment


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Hmmm................okay, thanks for sharing it.

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lewis percival


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