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We are seeking a financial and strategic partner to expand distribution for our unique customizable, non-restrictive, packable, patented,  lightweight, waterproof + breathable waterproof rain jacket, the Brella®, designed for the active outdoor sportsman and those that work outdoors.  Some Brella highlights include:


  • Field & Stream has identified the Brella as one of the Best New Fishing Apparel for 2019
  • REI article in Outdoor Trend report:  REI’s 2017 Force of Nature marketing campaign rallied around women to promote a level playing field in the outdoors and the Brella does that
  • Unisex for men, women + teens:  important as women comprise almost 50% of outdoor participants
  • Ideal to bundle with a kayak


We have just been written up by 3 fishing magazines:



We are in fishing, hunting, outdoor sports and ad promotions  markets  but believe we have ample opportunity selling the utility patented Brella in the law enforcement + public safety, farm + lawn, hardware, refuse and other outdoor work markets.  We have different Brella models that fit all waterproof protection + safety needs.


What:   The Brella is a customizable, packable, patented, non-restrictive, high performing, affordable, waterproof + breathable rain jacket.  The Brella is a loose fitting, unisex garment and ideal for men, women and teens of all sizes and 1 size fits most..  There are currently 4 products in the Brella product line and we will be adding safety and hunting products in 2Q19.

What it is NOT:   a cheap PVC plastic product, poncho, low performing, restrictive in motion or overpriced rain jacket.


Unique Values:   guarantees non-restrictive freedom of movement for the upper body and arms, a customized fit around the waist, creates a sleeve in a sleeveless garment and allows the user to customize and peel back the hood for better peripheral vision.  It is ideal for fishing and other outdoor sports and guarantees fishermen and women will have great rain protection with the same casting motion with the Brella on, or off.   You’ll also have the same freedom of motion for paddling a boat or swinging a golf club.  The Brella can be branded and made in any color with minimum orders.


Videos demonstrating non-restrictive, freedom of motion for the Brella:



Please let me know if you'd like to be part of the Brella Nation ... thank you.

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Hey brella, I started doing work on outdoor niche not quite long and glad I met someone in that niche too
am actually planning on launching my store a month to summer(when there will be high demand of it) have done lots of research in the niche and I don't mind partnering with you here is my email address for contact: lordsirkunle001@gmail.com

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Hi there BrellaNation,


I would be happy to offer a hand in this venture. Having looked at your website and done some research (brellabrella.com i believe), I see some serious viability with this product to the public domain. The website on offer is lacking in numerous aspects. The product fits an excellent niche and has already had traction in a number of press outlets as you mentioned. I just feel your website doesn't put it to justice. Have a look at one of my ventures swolepanda.com for example. This is a modern view of how a storefront should look. I fear that the online sphere is currently untapped by your brand. The internet is currently the largest storefront for any business and that shows no sign of changing. You are tapping into the US market, with my help we could take that global.


Investment at this stage is unnecessary in my belief, fishing has never been more popular and with the unpredictable weather patterns that we are becoming accustomed to, a Brella should be on any true angler at any time! Forget investing in the expansion of a distribution network, that will come. In my opinion you need to hone in on your online presence. This is something that I have 5+ years industry experience in. I have helped multiple businesses conquer the online market. What you have here is a niche product in a niche industry, a goldmine from an online perspective.


Drop me a line and I'd happily create a new storefront for you. If you like what you see then perhaps we could take this further. I am helping businesses like yours expand to a global reach on a daily basis. At this stage I am not looking to invest money, but what I do have is experience and time to invest into this. If and when this product becomes viable to a much wider reach through a well thought out online plan, then we can talk about investing into a distribution network. However I do have multiple solutions that will allow you to set this up at minimum cost, a global distribution network is important, but lets not skip the basics!


All the best,


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No actually, i don't know which one to use between magento and shopify
because there will be a large inventory and many collections/sub-collectins