USA Based Cable Company

iTechCables LLC with the brand name iTechCables provides high-quality Networks Cables such as Cat5e, Cat6 plenum 1000ft, and Cat6a solid copper including the accessories 


Cat5e Plenum


iTechCables LLC has its own branded iTechCables Cat5e plenum cable (indoor) CMP and Cat5e non-plenum (outdoor) CMR available in 1000ft easy pull boxes packaged with superior packaging technology to ensure easy pulling out of the cable from the box.


Cat6 Plenum


The Cat6 Plenum Cable or CMP of iTechCables is a superior quality Cat6 Solid copper with spline and aluminum foil inside to ensure high resistance against cross talk, the superior transfer rate for the customers who do not want any compromise on quality. We also have great quality Cat6 non-plenum CMR for outdoor installations such as CCTV and alarm systems along with gel-filled direct burial cable for under the surface installations.


Cat6a Plenum


The company has its own Cat6a Plenum Pure copper for high-speed indoor network installation. Our pure copper Cat6a 1000ft cable is not only superior in quality but also comes with tuff wooden Spool for easy installation. iTechCables also has its own Cat6a non-plenum CMR for outdoor installations as well.