Need some serious help with finishing my minimal themed boutique!

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I have watched video after video & still am not sure what to do next to launch my store! I have an account, paid for my domain & logo, picked my theme & that’s about it. 🤷🏼‍ I have completed some of the back end of my store stuff but I’m not sure how to customize my slideshow (or the entire website, for that matter)where to get the pics to customize it & how to upload them to my website after I find some that I like. I also am so conflicted on what vendors to use. Some say find third party vendors that are not in the Shopify app & some say not to. Does anybody know where I might could get some legitimate help from somebody who REALLY knows what they’re doing on how to do this myself? I’ve already spent quite a bit of money just getting started. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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@mct1979 I can help you out with related Shopify store let me know how i can help you.