New app section not showing up

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I cannot get app section to work. steps i've taken so far:
- created new developer store
- installed Debut-0.1-beta 1 theme
- created new app with online store extension enabled
- created app section and uploaded liquid file section
- installed app in online store

I'm quite new to shopify dev community so i apologize if i missed something. Is there any other way i can surface my app functionality to merchant online store?
Thank you

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Hey @asrebo 


Great to hear you're testing out the new online store design experience.  Just to doublecheck, when you created the dev store, did you select the "Developer preview" with the "Online store design experience" version? 



The app sections feature is still in beta at the moment, so cannot be tested on regular merchant stores. 


Hope this helps- let me know if this works!


Liam Griffin

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Liam, Community Manager