Removal of theme snippets

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According to the Unite talks, when the new OSDE launches with Sections Everywhere, the new themes will no longer be able to use snippets, which I get. But my main problem is snippets hold so much more than just reusable content, I use snippets for logical code too for things like responsive images and customer tag checking.


Naturally, it wouldn't make any sense whatsoever to use an entire section for simply checking customer tags, so how will this be utilised? I'd really rather not have to copy/paste this code all over my themes and then somehow maintain each of them when a change is made, so in real-life scenarios, what will be the expected functionality here?

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I think they mentioned in the Q&A ( that they're looking into replacing snippets with something equivalent for the development workflow, so something that would be part of the theme build toolchain.


Here's the timestamp where they go into snippets specifically:

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A tool that only compiles snippets at build time is not really an acceptable solution, unfortunately. A ton of people work on customizing existing/paid themes, and theme developers almost never provide the full source.



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Following Unite we gathered feedback and re-assessed our plans. Frame, page and content sections will be able to use snippets after all, but will do so via a new Liquid tag, different than {% include %}, which will add some constraints on how snippets are used. The constraints are intended to make our online store platform faster, more reliable, and easier to work with. The new Liquid tag will be released shortly.