Shopify Unite Track Session Recording for the New Online Store Design Experience

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Shopify Staff
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Hi all, for anyone who missed it during Unite, we now have released a recording of the track session which looks in more detail at the upcoming changes to how sections will be implemented across all pages of themes:



This session covers:


  • how master pages will allow merchants to define content that appears on multiple pages
  • what the new content schema model will look like and how it improves portability
  • how merchants can test different theme settings safely with the new draft feature


There is also a really insightful Q&A session in the second half, where our internal dev team provide more context around how this new sections paradigm will be adopted when the features are launched. Take a watch and learn more about the opportunity ahead!


Liam Griffin

Shopify | Developer Tools & Education

Liam Griffin
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Thanks Liam for sharing this.

Appreciate it! tips, tricks & Shopify sections
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