Synching inventory to multiple ebay accounts

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Hello All,


Does anyone know the following:


We synch our listing to our ebay store and it works fine. We have 2 ebay stores and would like to know if we can synch some listings to one ebay store and other listings to a

different ebay store without losing connection to the current ebay store?


thanks so much, Danny 

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Hey Danny

I believe there is no way of separating your Shopify store across different eBay accounts or not that I have seen. You might have to check out some different eBay integration apps as perhaps you can have 2 different apps connected to 2 different accounts and split your products that way. We work with another platform that lets you split products across any number of eBay accounts so hopefully you can achieve this with Shopify.

The only other suggestion I would have is you could have 2 Shopify accounts. Second one will be for second eBay store and you could sync inventory and orders back to original. But that might be overkill for what you are after.



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