Theme Customizer - Timeline for Preview?

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Hi there, very excited to start working within the new Online Store Design Experience. We currently manage a handful of Shopify stores and are anxious to prepare for the upcoming themes overhaul. While we've been able to start taking a look at the code changes, the documentation is still very thin and with no way to access to the new Theme Customizer UI it is difficult to fully grasp all of the changes.


Is there a timeline yet for a preview of the new Theme Customizer UI? Or a timeline for the new Online Store Design Experience to be publicly launched?

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Hi VeryGreat,

Glad to hear you’re excited to get started with the new online store design experience! Currently you can test out the new theme file structure and content model with a developer preview store, however, the Theme Customizer UI is still in development.

We will be announcing a timeline for the partner release in the coming months, which will ensure that developers have ample time to prepare in advance of the full merchant release. We are also frequently updating the Section themes REST API changelog, so I’d recommend keeping an eye on this forum post.


Hope this helps,
Liam Griffin
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and content model


Hey Liam,


Can you confirm on which content model this is?

I've not seen much different in the beta admin UI.

Liam Merlyn | Shopify Developer
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Hi @ConduciveMammal 


The content schema model can be tested out on developer preview dev stores, and we have recently updated the docs on the content schema here. However, as you've noticed the admin UI hasn't changed as yet. 





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Hm, been almost three months now since the last update to the changelog and 2019 is slowly but surely closing its gates. Can we expect a partner release for 2019 or will this be delayed to 1QT 2020?

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