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Hey everyone,


At Unite 2019, we announced a new online store design experience.


This new experience introduces some important changes to both our themes and APIs which are summarized in our developer changelog.


This update is expected to launch to all merchants later this year but we’re sharing it with you now in the early stages of development to ensure you have time to update your apps to support this update. In the coming months, we’ll release additional documentation and provide regular updates and support in this discussion board as you prepare your themes and apps to support this new experience.


While you can access the Sections API in developer preview, we will be making changes to it over the coming months based on your feedback. This may cause invalid theme code or page data to be present in preview shops. As the API is iterated upon, we will clean up existing data and theme code, which may result in data loss. Changes will be communicated through this board and documentation will be updated.

TyW | Community Manager @ Shopify
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