"let our customers speak for us from reviews"

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This tag line (widget?) above is stuck at the bottom of my home page, my contact us page, and on every product page. It was installed into my store's theme code when I installed a customer review app. I installed two: Product Reviews and Rivyo. I uninstalled both apps but this widget wording is still there. Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know what to look for in the code so that I can remove it? I'm assuming the widget code is located in the theme.liquid section. I've looked for it there with no success. I've also looked in the footer.liquid section. No luck. Thank you in advance. I'm working with Shopify Support and with Rivyo to see what can be done. Product Reviews says they don't recognize this. Anyway, while I wait, I just thought I'd put this out there in case there is a quick answer available from someone in this community. I would love to get past this one on to bigger/better things.