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I just recently created my store in the USA. I now find I am moving to Bogota Colombia. What would be involved in switching everything over? It seems it must be doable. But I'm not at all sure what it would entail.Has anyone else here ever done this?

Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi, Diana!

My name is Jade, I am with the Social Care Team at Shopify.

Congratulations on your big move! Rest assured, you'll still be able to run your business in Columbia on our platform since we operate worldwide. When it comes to your Shopify admin and settings, here are some of the changes that will need to be made:

1) When you move, you'll need to change your payment gateway to a provider that's available in Columbia. We have the full list of third-party gateways here that you can use in Columbia.

2) If you have your physical address or phone number setup anywhere in your admin (for example, under Settings > General), with any apps, or on any of your pages like your Contact, About Us, Terms of Service, Privacy Statement, and Refund Policy, you'll want to update those pages to include your new address and contact information. 

3) You'll want to change the address that you have for your credit card that you use to pay for your Shopify subscription each month to your new address. This way when our system sees your IP address is in Columbia but your address on your credit card says the United States it doesn't raise any red flags.

4) Remember to change your address on your social media pages if necessary such as your Facebook business page.

5) If you would like to change your currency to pesos you can do that in your admin under Settings > General on the bottom of the page. You'll also need to change your time zone as well.

6) If you're going to be shipping to Columbia, you'll want to make sure that country is added to your tax settings under Settings > Taxes.

7) If you're using our Point of Sale system, you won't be able to use our card reader in Columbia. You can, however, use a third-party card reader and our POS app! We have more details about this here.

I wish you all the best with your move! If you would like us to take a closer look at your store, let us know your store name and we'll send you an email to see if there's anything else we can find that would need to be changed before your move!

Jade | Social Care