Using Elasticsearch with Shopify powered store.

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I am a professional blogger but now, I am looking to step into the ecommerce store. I have an idea of creating an online store that will be featuring general items. The idea is that you can get any of the general item that you go and buy from any mart right at your home without any extra charges.

This time, I am thinking of going with shopify but I am concerned that is it feasable enough to handle the features that I am planning to install in my site like elasticsearch which is an open source platform and other related opensource platform, and some seo tool and will it allows the third party hosting as I want hosting of my choice.

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Hi Teresa,

The Shopify platform itself is a SaaS, Software as a Service, and as such offers the ability to create storefronts for the web, mobile devices such as Android or iOS as well as POS (in-store counters) or in-game purchases via Unity.

For the web and mobile web, they offer a mature templating framework based on Liquid to create themes so you can fully customize your storefront experience. You can do that granularly by customizing themes via theme settings, theme editor or using developer tooling. You can also rely on many ready made themes in the Shopify theme store if need be.

As for extending the Shopify platform functionality, Shopify offer several developer APIs and SDKs capabale of interacting with their backend as well as the storefront. These can be used via private apps that you are free to develop for your own use or public apps that are available as paid / free apps in the App market place.

What Shopify does not offer, and with good reason, is the ability to host other software on their infrastructure. So you cannot install Elasticsearch on Shopify servers. That said, you can integrate an Elasticsearch instance running elsewere with Shopify using aforementioned APIs.

So yes, you can integrate Elasticsearch and SEO tools with Shopify - in fact many merchants have and many app vendors offer such integrations too if you don't feel like investing in the effort to build bespoke solutions.

Yes, you can have hosting of your choice and you can run your entire store frontend outside of Shopify's platform. You can achieve this by using the Storefront API which allows you to query Shopify for your store's resources such as products, collections etc. A few examples in code can be found here. However, while that option comes with great flexibility and power, it does require considerable development effort and is somewhat opaque in terms of support and app compatibility.

Hope this helps!

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