Website for search Best item to dropshiping or viral item now

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Hi, just want to ask if are a website or another way to search viral item now or search the best item is selling

I knew this website but have to pay i want free.


I known drop spy an ecom are the best, what drop shippers use or method?

How do we know what a winning product is? See this
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Hey, Andrew!  

Karlie here from the Shopify Guru Team! That's a great question! I have some really great resources to help you out when trying to find a trending product or even a niche market that you can sell in. The first guide that I would recommend reading is the How To Find A Product To Sell Online: The Definitive Guide blog post from Shopify. This guide goes into detail about product opportunities, finding a product niche, evaluating market demand and using product suppliers. It's your best bet to getting started when finding a product.

When thinking about what product to sell you're going to want to learn about product validation and evaluating the market you're wanting to sell in - so I would also recommend checking out our blog posts on; How to Validate Your Product Ideas and How To Evaluate Market Demand For Your New Product Idea.

Now, if you're looking for a basic guide to finding what is selling and trending for 2018, then we do have a blog post dedicated strictly to finding trending products to sell this year. If you're interested be sure to take a read through of; Rev Up Your Revenues: 10 Trending Products to Sell in 2018.

You could look into using a dropshipper to provide products for you and to fulfill and ship out your products to your customers. If you're interested in going this route, then you can take a look at the Oberlo app which integrates with Shopify. Oberlo would allow you to dropship products from the Oberlo inventory and they even have a couple of blog posts to help you find a trending product to sell. Be sure to check out; How to Find Trending Products to Sell Online and their soon-to-be trending guide here!

If you're not finding what you need in these resources, then you might want to look into doing some research yourself or even hiring a professional to help you gather the data you're looking for. I do hope this helps, but if you have any further questions - be sure to ask and I would be happy to help!

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