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I have installed Avada SEO app, but I think it makes my website slower because it contains so many files and codes, how could I check if it's true?


Hi @harrypotter,

You would need to check the network requests for that app. You can do that by testing your site on webpagetest.org. Alternatively, provide us with your store url and we can check.



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Hi @harrypotter, you could use the PageSpeed by Google to check it. Normally you could find it in JavaScript or a Third-party warning like this after running checkup process

Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 8.58.22 AM.png

When you find out it is the 3rd party app that slows down your site, you could consider to :

- Contact the app's support live chat to get help optimizing the speed or remove it if you do not want to trade site speed for whatever being offered

- Contact with a developer and have him helped you minimize / fix all the unused Javascript, CSS code


Hope this comment helps you in finding out the answer. If it does, please give me a like so I know this works!

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This is an accepted solution.

Hi @harrypotter 

Beyond running your site through analysis tools to see the time it's taking to load files from Avada, you could try commenting out the main Avada code snippet for a moment to see if your site performance improves right away.

This would be beneficial as a real-world test to see how your site actually performs if the Avada code isn't executed. The location of the Avada SEO snippet could vary based on your theme, but I typically find it near the top of your theme.liquid file.

Here's what I would do:

  • Duplicate your live theme and only makes changes on the duplicate. This acts as a safety net in case something goes wrong so that your live theme isn't disturbed.
  • Head into your theme.liquid file and search for Avada. As I mentioned, I typically find it near the top of the file, but your theme could be different.
  • Comment out the Avada SEO snippet. Here's an example of how to accomplish this: 


{% comment %}
 {% include 'Avada-SEO-Code-Snippet' %}
{% endcomment %}​


  • After you've done that, preview your theme to ensure it's working properly.
  • If all looks good, I'd publish it and navigate to your theme to see if you notice any performance differences.
  • You could also run it through some analysis tools like webpagetest.org to see if performance has improved.

This is just one method you could try. You could also do as other posters mentioned and run it through an analysis tool to see if Avada is adding any noticeable load times to your site.

I hope this helps!

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Hi everyone, I'm new to this whole SEO business so I'm just trying to figure out how exactly I can make sure the SEO plugin is doing everything it can for the site? My boss told me to look for a SEO plugin to make sure our website is looking good on searches etc. I looked and saw Yoast SEO already installed and the wizard looks to have been completed as well. Any advice would help, thank you!




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same issue for my website . my website speed not go to 60 above i customize my all pictures and install WordPress rocket plugin  my speed is upto 80 plus 


If you still get the same issue, feel free to contact us at support@avada.io

We are willing to help

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