Different tools give me different problems on how to fix my store's speed

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When I use PageSpeed Insights, it tells me that there are some render blocking issues. This means that I need to inline my critical CSS if I'm right? 

When I use webpagetest.org it tells me the problem has something to do with my cache settings. 

I am at the point that I really don't know what I can do anymore to fix my sites speed. I am not running many apps etc and optimized images as much as I can. 

My URL is www.moteevatedapparel.com

Can someone take a look at my site and tell me what you think? I would love to know more ways on how I can speed up my site.

Thanks in advance!

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Honestly your site speed is fine.

Keep in mind that most, if not all, of the elements that page testing tools flag are essential for your site to function properly. Don't wrap your head around this stuff.

This pagespeed thing is really getting out of hand lately. It reminds of W3 Markup validation years ago.

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This is an accepted solution.

Hi Jarnovl,

Looks like you tried few apps, remember even when you remove them, the code can still be there and slow down the store speed. Here are the main opportunities I saw to improve your site speed :-

1. Try to use responsive banner images for the small screen users especially the second image(pvo).

2. One of the app you installed from socialhead is causing the rendering blocking(quite speed expensive), try either deferring it or remove if it is not critical.




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Thanks to both of you, really appreciate your help.

I will work on it and I hope it will help.

Thanks again!

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Hi @Jarnovl, I wouldn't worry about the WPT cache warning, that's common if you use apps - you can't control the cache setting on those (and may not want to even if you could), so you can safely ignore that warning.

For optimizations specifically for Shopify sites, you can use the Shopify Analyzer - it's a free app my team built for the Shopify community to identify what can and should be optimized on a Shopify site. There are links in the warnings to free guides and resources with the recommendations.

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