Help me find the fastest Shopify theme

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Hey all, I just finished speed auditing the 100 most popular Shopify themes to find out which ones are the fastest (and slowest).

I thought you guys might find some of the results interesting. Might help when picking a new theme or switching to a new one. After all, slow load times kill conversions & google rankings.

I was testing demo stores advertised alongside themes. We used, the tool that we built, and we tested more than 400 pages to find the best-performing ones. The top-performing Shopify themes have an overall score above 95, with an average load time below 2.5 seconds. The average for all themes is an 83.8 score. Load time is 2.8, page size 2.78, and 82.4 requests. Native Shopify themes rank the best for speed among competitors, with five themes in the top 15 fastest ones.

For comparison the average load time per page in the Shopify industry is 7.7s, the average page size is 2.9MB, and 119 requests per page.

According to my research, the fastest themes are Sunrise, Avon, and Kalles, each with a summary score of 99. Page speed score is based on the time it takes to load an average page on the site, as well as its adherence to performance guidelines.

If you wanted to see how your theme performed, I published the full results at:


@Kat-EcomExperts thank you for your work.

But what is the main idea of your tool? Why it is better than Google Page Speed, powered by Lighthouse?

For example Avon

98 (not 99) by your tool -


83 - home page by Google -

74 - product page by Google -

84 - collection page by Google -

What formula did you use to convert 83, 74, and 84 to 98?


Does your tool consider the store features and content per page? If you take the Shella demo with a similar configuration you will get the 99 points -

That is much closer to the Google score -


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@Kat-EcomExperts could you share how your tool calculator the score? Please refer to this share from Google Pagespeed Insights

@MPI_themes: please don't build a private store ( ) that is only used to promote the performance. I see the store you are using to promote the performance score has so little content on the homepage. Just some banners and collection images, a simple menu ( not the mega menu ), even there is not basic Shopify apps that are installed on this store. Please show the performance score of your home style demo stores because these are the package theme customers receive when they buy your theme. This is the result when I test one of your home style demo stores with Google Pagespeed Insights

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@davidkean thank you.

The Shella main demo is overloaded with content and enabled features. You hardly can find the theme with the same amount of content and features as at the Shella main demo store.

I will optimize the main demo, move some features to other demos.

Please note, both demos and use the same theme version. The difference is only in content, theme configuration, store configuration, and apps.

It depends on the store owner's needs how to configure the Shella theme. To get better speed stats or to get sales converting features

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Just wanted to reply to this since I can't leave a review on Google or the website.  Air Theme One is just flat out awesome!  We went from a google speed score of 9 - 11 to 75-89 just by changing to this theme.  I won't mention the old themes, but will say we've spend a good bit of money buying themes and apps to try to boost mobile speed over the past year (95% of our traffic is mobile) and this theme is absolutely crushing it!  Very happy and can't wait to see how this theme helps us grow!

Dave Miller, Owner.

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Even if i don't like themes from theme forest, I do like Beloria, very fast and full of features, and the one I like the most and which i'm using is Plak, very very fast too and full of features that helped me increase my conversion rate, your site looks good but as soon as you add feature the speed will go down, i suggest you to either chose beloria or plak, moreover with plak you will get free support which i don't know if it is the case on themeforest, but anyway, i'm now more focused on marketing, blogging to drive more sales