Help me find the fastest Shopify theme


So I want to know who has the fastest free or premium them and thought let's make it a collaborative adventure.

I'm looking at Google Pagespeed Insights since it gives me an overall score (I know there are many opinions about this, but at least it is common across all of them). I'm sitting in Denmark when I do the test, so it can have some effect when you are doing the test and you may be testing from another test center. Also, I'm only looking at mobile, because let's face it the majority of users are coming from mobile nowadays

Here are the themes I have tried right now, sorted in what I believe is the fastest: (I hope I can change this later when more is coming)

  1. Air Theme One - Demo - PageSpeed Score: 94
  2. Debut theme - Demo - PageSpeed Score: 77
  3. Plak Theme - Demo - PageSpeed Score: 70 
  4. Booster theme - Demo - PageSpeed Score: 69
  5. Brooklyn - Demo - PageSpeed Score: 51  
  6. Ella - Demo - PageSpeed Score:  41
  7. Shella - Demo - PageSpeed Score: 33  
  8. Prestige - Demo - PageSpeed Score: 26
  9. Turbo Theme - Demo - PageSpeed Score: 25 
  10. Boostheme - Demo - PageSpeed Score: 23 
  11. Flex theme - Demo - PageSpeed Score: 22
  12. Fastor - Demo - PageSpeed Score: 20
  13. Debutify - Demo - PageSpeed Score: 4
  14. Shoptimized - Demo - PageSpeed Score: 2

What are your favorite themes?

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I use Brooklyn theme at my store. Would be nice to see its score at your list! 


@MatthiasMoeller it is taking a 5th place

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My favorite one is Plak, it has the the best score in Gtmetrix.

Their support is great, I paid 79$ for them and they removed some unused features, on my shopify store it shows ( 75% score, you store is faster than similar stores)

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Comparing themes speed is more than comparing their demos, you need also to check the features :

For example, let's compare Plak demo and Air Theme Demo


Air theme one features compared to Plak : 

- there is no meganu, no currency converter, no sliders, no parallax, no top freeshipping bar, no testimonial sliders, no blog posts featured, no sidebar filter, no countdown, ...

If you add those features to that theme, the score will surely goes down from 94% to less than 70% or even less than 50%

Google speed insight is not the only you should use, you can also compare the speed using Gtmetrix or other speed test tools



@Adel-coder great to hear. I think those $75 was worth it since lots of themes often load a lot of unused code, so nice to know they are actually doing something about that.

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@CodingLover I agree there are big differences in what all the themes offer in features. But then again a great theme should be able to offer lots of features and still perform well, just like it looks like plak is actually doing.

And I could also have used GTmetrix, Pingdom, or Webpagetest, and so on, but I chose to go with PageSpeed Insight since I believe that is what most novice users are using and knows. Also, GTmetrix is not giving me the option to test with mobile unless I'm a pro user.

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You're right ^^ anyway I am not fun of the themes (booster & debutify) their homepage looks like a spam website, they advertise their as fast or even (the fastest) but actually they are pretty slow and have some features which kill conversion rate like (who is viewing this product, ...)

The top 3 themes you mentioned are great for conversion rate, since they are not only fast, but simple in design and looks legit



I'd like to introduce you our Bullet theme, we built it with Speed and simplicity in mind. And honestly it is one of the fastest themes out there.

Bullet has a PageSpeed score of 98 (on desktop) out of 100 and a Shopify Speed Score of 76. And also a SEO score of 72 (source: seobility) thanks to our integrated SEO engine.

You can check it out here.


p.s: Data from tests conducted over the homepage on 18/may/2020

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@OpenThinking on mobile I don't get the score you are claiming, I only get 84 as the highest. Which is still really solid, and enough for a 2nd place so far:

Unfortunately I cannot edit the first post anymore, so here are the updated list:

  1. Air Theme One - Demo - PageSpeed Score: 94
  2. Bullet - Demo - PageSpeed Score: 84
  3. Debut theme - Demo - PageSpeed Score: 77
  4. Plak Theme - Demo - PageSpeed Score: 70 
  5. Booster theme - Demo - PageSpeed Score: 69
  6. Brooklyn - Demo - PageSpeed Score: 51  
  7. Ella - Demo - PageSpeed Score:  41
  8. Shella - Demo - PageSpeed Score: 33  
  9. Prestige - Demo - PageSpeed Score: 26
  10. Turbo Theme - Demo - PageSpeed Score: 25 
  11. Boostheme - Demo - PageSpeed Score: 23 
  12. Flex theme - Demo - PageSpeed Score: 22
  13. Fastor - Demo - PageSpeed Score: 20
  14. Debutify - Demo - PageSpeed Score: 4
  15. Shoptimized - Demo - PageSpeed Score: 2
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