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So I'm running a Shopify website with a purchased theme and custom designs.

We are being notified by the Shopify backend system that the site speed is rather slow (30/100).

What are ways to improve this?

I know the Lighthouse speed checker, but the data that this tool generates is very abstract. Are there Shopify solutions to this?

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Hello, just tested the speed of your websites both are taking long to respond i.e. 29.3 sec and 6.2 sec. I have analyzed few points to work on these websites like Minimize redirects, Image optimization, JavaScript minify and others too. If we can get on the chat then I will be happy to elaborate the best solution for your websites. I am a Shopify expert created number of stores with an ideal loading time and would love to help you to speed up your websites.

Please feel free to drop a line via Email: or Skype: creative.mirza21



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TBH, you don't need to worry about site speed as much as you think you need to.

The reason is that there are limited things that you can really do or should do.

I'll tell you why. CSS, HTML, Javascript optimization are all made by your theme that you've picked. If you make customizations or changes now, it will be very hard to maintain and if/when the theme updates that may mess with how your site functions.

If you have developer go into the site they definitely can make a lot of optimizations, but it opens you up to issues down the road with maintenance and changes.

The best thing you can do is optimize your images by compressing them and serving the right size of the images to the right device size. Then just removing any unnecessary apps that your server may use. Look particularly for those that install code in your theme, because those are typically blocking your site from being functional until that script loads.

Otherwise, I personally don't recommend doing too much more unless you have a web developer on hand.


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