Newly migrated to Shopify and having slow page loading issues.

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Hi Everyone,

We've just shifted from woocommerce to Shopify a couple of months ago. While getting a handle on all the other bits and bobs, the site speed isn't that great, so i was wondering if there was any advice out there while i start focussing on it. Appreciate any help. /


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Hello @EcommerceAlex 

Welcome to the Shopify Community!

This is Jay from Oakleaf Infoway. I am Interested to help you and get out it of you from your current issue.

The current speed of your website is 66% on the Desktop site and 44% on mobile sites. 

Beneath I have attached a link for your references please have a glance at it.

As per the current speed of your website, it would need to accelerate as it doesn't mache with any standard quality levels.

Lower speed has also been affected for a poor sales conversation and the sessions of your page. Some time visitors being annoyed due to the lower page loading speed.

The below reasons I mentioned the cause of the lower speed.

1) There are lots of high-resolution images are taking much time to load the page.

Solution: Optimize the images/Compress the images. 

2) Avoid unnecessary codes and tags

Minify unless Javascript and CSS code so the page size will reduce ultimately.

3)Add expire headers 

This will help on 

  • Reduce server load
  • Decrease page load time
  • Cost-benefit ratio: high value
  • Access needed

4)Use free cookie domain

Serve static content from a different domain to avoid unnecessary cookie traffic.

Those above are the solution will definitely help you to boost up your website speed.

So I hope you will get an idea of why your website speed and slow and how to increase it.

Let me know if you are not able to fix it and need any guidance from my side.

I would be glad to assist you. 

Please add me over the skype/Mail for an instant communication

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Team, Oakleaf Infoway

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Hi, Alex thanks for your post and welcome to the community I just check your website deeply it is working well but it has a huge loading time with a heavyweight of webpage plus too much request your web page are calling and slow website means that you are losing your potential customers and sales but no worries I can fix it and make your website speed according to the standard because it will be done by custom coding so kindly drop your mail at so I can look after it further. Thanks and Best Regards

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Hi @EcommerceAlex ,

I have just gone through your website and run several tests on the site speed. First, here’s the results I got from Google Page Insights and Webpage Test:

So your page speed on desktop is 66%, which will need improvements and on mobile view the speed is rather poor (14%). Here’s the Content Breakdown of your site:



As you can see, the majority of your page consists of JS and image data, and they can immensely affect your site speed in general. So I’d like to share some of my suggestions:

  1. Disable some of the unused theme features or unnecessary customized coding. By applying additional codes to the store can possibly affect how the page loads as well. You can always reach out to Shopify Theme developer for further guidance on how to can optimize your theme.
  2. Minify all the files in your store and optimize images before using. Having too many high-resolution images implemented in one store does more harm than good, as what we aim is to elevate the customer’s experience. Thus, it is advisable to use compressed images, and use featured images or simple slider of images.
  3. Lastly, you may consider page builder apps to do most of the hard work for you, concerning coding and features that helps your page perform more efficiently such as lazy loading. PageFly is currently one of the best page builder apps that provides lazy loading and requires no coding to build a nice-looking, yet effective online store that converts. You can check out this article on page speed optimization and lazy load feature.

I understand that building an online store is nowhere near an easy task, and you must have invested a lot of time and effort to make this work. I truly hope that my comment has helped you in some way in improving your store speed. Good luck!


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Hi there,

Thanks for taking the time to looking into the website and responding. Yeah, the JS seems to be an issue, i just don't quite have the knowledge yet to pick apart the issues. I currently use Pagefly for our site and it's a useful bit of kit and i have the images being optimised. How would go about minifying all the files though?

Thanks alot for the input.




Well, If you do not have the tech skills you can do it manually.

What I'd do is minify the CSS & JS files manually using a web based services.

  • First Duplicate your theme.
  • Search on google `minify js` & `minify css` (chose one)
  • Copy the code from your .css file and paste it in the service you found on Google.
  • Click compress and copy the compressed code.
  • Paste it in your file.

NOTE: don't do it on .scss & .scss.liquid files because those must be compiled on the server first.


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