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My name is Archie, I'm a Shopify developer and the author of the Shopify developers blog https://ottomen.tech/. I have been doing Shopify themes, apps for 3 years.

I'm offering the Shopify store speed optimization for one store for free. I want to optimize a single store in terms of Liquid, images, code, to make it as fast as it can be. I'm doing it for the purpose of creating a new article for my blog, which will be dedicated to Shopify optimization, and I want to use this store as a case for this article.

I will use the Shopify Theme Inspector and Online store speed report, I will make Liquid render optimization, images optimization, styles critical path creation, scripts optimization and I will give recommendations for app usage.

If any of you want to get free store optimization from the professional Shopify developer, put the link to your store. I will contact you and we will find out how to make your store as fast as possible. But please, your store should not be a pet project, it should be real and should look adequate.

Also, I will attach the result in a form of tips, which will help any store owner to improve store speed or at least to understand the root cause of the slow speed.