Removing app codes from liquid files

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We tried a lot of apps from App Store and removed them. But codes pieces left our liqued files. We want to remove these codes. Because of codes left Our site performance become too low. Can not reach theme support. Is there any one to help us


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Hello @Cemal84,

 How many apps have you uninstalled from the Shopify store?


Wahab Ahmad 

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Nearly 30 or more

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You can probably find most of the old app code in your theme.liquid layout file.

Other common areas you might find extra code:

- cart.liquid
- collection.liquid
- product.liquid

Those are the main template files, so you'll want to check there then trace the included snippets as well for a thorough check.

If you'd like a professional to handle it, we have an App Analysis service here: that addresses this.

We see this quite often, with leftover app code. It's because after deleting an app from your Shopify store, access is removed so the app cannot clean up after itself.

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Hi Cemal84, 

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