Removing excess code from deleted apps & Page speed optimisation

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Hi all,

I ran my site through Google’s PageSpeed Test and came out pretty low. The main opportunity listed was to remove unused Javascript. 

My guess was that it’s referring to all the code & files left over from the many apps I had tried out & later deleted. So i tried to delete some files that were from apps i deleted before. But I ended up messing the website up so I reverted the changes through to a back up copy I had made.

I also ran it through GT Metrix and ranked much better. But it was suggested to ‘Minify Javascript & CSS, Reduce DNS Lookups & Leverage Browser Caching’

I’d appreciate any help I could get regarding these technical suggestions. I’m not sure if I require a Developer to look at it or I can do this myself.

If I do require a Developer to do it, I would appreciate if any of the Experts or Developers will be willing to able to do it. Please DM me and we can discuss further. 

If I will can do it myself, I’d seriously appreciate all the help any of you can offer.

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This is an accepted solution.

Hi Rish,

I am Simranjeet Singh, Shopify developer from Toronto. Regarding your site speed issue, I will recommend you taking the following steps :-

 1. You can search any javascript minifier online, jscompress (my favorite), and minify your theme.js.liquid file.

2. To reduce DNS lookups, you can defer the third-party resources (analytics, tags) which are not critical to download right away. Also, the code from the previously installed app could also be a cause of this issue. Try reaching to App support (which you removed) or Shopify support and they can remove that for you.

  I hope that would help you, feel free to ask any question. Thanks    

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Hi Rish,


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Hey @Aibek,

I’ve just filled up the form. Looking forward to discussing further with your agency!