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Hello Everyeone I hope you're having a good day. 

I am having serious trouble with my shopify store speed which stands on 15, I have done everything I could think of (minimized my use of plugins, shrank the images as much as i could etc) and my store speed is still abysmal. 

my bounce rate is very high if you consider the amount of people going into my store and interested in my product. 

can anyone assist/guide me? thank you



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The easiest way to see if you have any optimization issues on a Shopify site is to run it through the Shopify Analyzer - that's a tool my team (Speed Boostr) built specifically for Shopify sites, with experience and a scoring system based on our success optimizing over 1,000 Shopify sites.

Once you have your theme and images optimized, the next area of focus is on your apps. Know that you'll likely always have a low score with the Shopify speed score measurement if you're using a lot of store facing apps. The tool uses Google Lighthouse as the engine, and that is a general tool that is heavily based on the 3rd party apps you have installed. It doesn't factor in revenue generated from the usage of apps, so the scoring can be misleading if you're using that as your measurement of performance.

You'll want to check also that you don't have any old app code in your theme, from old apps you deleted (when you delete an app, they lose access to your store so cannot remove any code they put in your theme). You can find old app code by reading your theme files code. I would start with theme.liquid, that's where most of old code you'll find lives.

The typical range we see for Shopify speed score for successful Shopify sites is 20 - 35, to give you an idea where to shoot for for a good balance of performance / app functionality.

I would run your site through the Shopify Analyzer to get an idea where you're at + get recommendations / links to guides, then if you need help from professionals, contact my team at

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