Site speed is slow

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Hey everyone,

Here's my site :

It takes forever to load - can anyone please help with this? 


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Hello, StashStow Welcome to the Shopify Community! This is Syed Mustafa a professional Shopify Developer. As I'm sure you well know, page speed has become a factor for ranking in the search engines. That's why if you're investing lots of time and money into getting the rankings you deserve, you shouldn't be blowing it by having a slow website. Longer load times have also been shown to negatively affect conversions. “My Aim” is to optimize the website speed up to 90% on any device. It’s helpful to the visitor who visits on your website and spends much time without annoyed. I've gone through your website speed details and the reason behind why the website is slow is that there are lots of unused code of Javascript and CSS plus there is also a duplicate code as well that's why your website loading speed time is more than 12 seconds and slow speed means that you are losing your potential customers and profit so it's a work that can be done by custom coding and I am professionally able to do this for you. Drop your reply at and let's start the project.

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Hi @StashStow!

I quickly checked out your website and it seems to be loading pretty quickly for me.

I went ahead and ran your site through our free Shopify Analyzer tool. You can find a breakdown of what could potentially be improved at

It looks like you could benefit from:

  • improving lazy loading (see our blog post on lazy loading )
  • image optimization 
  • reducing hidden images on product pages

Hope this helps!

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Hi @StashStow

I'm Richard - CRO Expert from PageFly. I've used the Google PageSpeed to analyze your site and it turns out that there are several improvements need to be done since your score is 26/100. Let me list out what you should do:

- Remove unused Java Script: 

URLSize to be transferredAmount of data that can be saved

121.1 KiB
101.1 KiB
93.7 KiB
86 KiB
65.7 KiB
63.2 KiB
69.4 KiB
52.6 KiB
56.9 KiB
48.6 KiB
67.6 KiB
47.9 KiB
71.3 KiB
44.1 KiB
… Sdk / xfbml.customerchat.js
74.9 KiB
42.5 KiB
47.2 KiB
38.1 KiB
34.4 KiB
31.1 KiB
32.1 KiB
29.7 KiB
31 KiB
29.1 KiB
… 1.10.2 / jquery.min.js
32.9 KiB
21.6 KiB
23 KiB
21.2 KiB
47.9 KiB
20.7 KiB
23.9 KiB
20.3 KiB
20.7 KiB
23.9 KiB
20.3 KiB


Remove the disable rules from the stylesheet and defer loading the Stacked stylesheet (CSS) not used for the first screen content to reduce the unnecessary bytes that the network operation uses

URLSize to be transferredAmount of data that can be saved

71.2 KiB
71.2 KiB
19.8 KiB
16.7 KiB
10.4 KiB
10.4 KiB


Minify files especially this image:

- Use a CDN

- More to do you can access here:

You can also learn about how to boost up speeding page by following this guide

Hope this helps! If you find my answer helpful you can give me a like or mark this as solution! Thank you

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