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Hi All! We recently signed up for a new store and our score has significantly decreased. I have tried to compress my images but the speed even decreased some more. Your help is greatly appreciated Thank you, Melissa

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You'll need to share your site's URL so people can give advice specific to the issues your site has.

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Hi @melissac 

As @oreoorbitz mentioned, you'll need to supply your store's URL if you want some tailored feedback on here.

You can also run your site through the Shopify Analyzer. It'll help provide some actionable insights into what could potentially be improved.

Based on what the Analyzer recommends, I'd reference our detailed optimization guide: How to Optimize a Shopify Site: Complete Guide to Faster Load Speed. It'll help walk you through some common optimizations if you'd like to handle those in-house.

If you'd like additional help, please feel free to reach out to our optimization team at Best of luck!

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Try out our Shopify Analyzer (free performance analysis tool).
Check out Order Automator (app that auto tags + fulfills orders, and more automation)
More Apps: Theme Scientist (A/B testing tool), Tip Jar (add a tip button to your store), File Optimizer (optimize CSS, JS, Liquid)
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@melissac I'll share some standard resources for optimizing Shopify sites below (my team has optimized 1,000+ Shopify sites).

You'll also want to decide what you mean by "score" and "speed", they can be 2 different things (for example if you're referencing the Google PSI score / Shopify speed score, the score is not equal to actual speed, it's actually a predictive score based on algorithmic tests). Some optimizations can increase both, however "fixing" some of the Google PSI warnings can actually decrease your load speed.

Resources for optimizing Shopify sites and improving load speed:

- Shopify Analyzer. This is a performance analysis tool geared specifically for Shopify sites, focusing on what can and should be optimized on most Shopify sites. My team built this free for the community.

- Guide to Optimize a Shopify site. This is a free guide my team and I put together to help store owners optimize their Shopify sites and make them faster, based on the most common optimization opportunities we see in stores.

- A dive into Shopify speed score, what affects it, what it is, how to increase it, and tools we use.

- This is the most accurate measure of site speed we've seen. We use this tool for before / after benchmark comparisons when optimizing a site (we also recommend benchmarking before / after installing a new app, to be aware of the performance affects).

Our philosophy is to offer free resources and education to empower Shopify store owners to optimize their site. If you find yourself low on time or get stuck somewhere in the path of optimization you can always reach us at for professional help.

Our philosophy is to put out free resources like this to empower you to 

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Creator of Shopify Analyzer (first performance analysis tool for Shopify sites, free for the Shopify community).
Creator of Order Automator (auto tag orders and customers + auto fulfillment + more automations).
More apps: Theme Scientist (A/B testing), Tip Jar (add a tip button), File Optimizer (optimize CSS, JS, Liquid).
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Kindly reach me with your site URL so I can resolve your issue as soon as possible.
A one-second delay in page load time yields:

11% fewer page views
16% decrease in customer satisfaction
7% loss in conversions
A few extra seconds could have a huge impact on your ability to engage visitors and make sales.

This means that having a fast site is essential not just for just google ranking but for keeping your bottom line profits high.

How to speed up your website in 2021
Minimize HTTP requests.
Minify and combine files.
Use asynchronous loading for CSS and JavaScript files.
Defer JavaScript loading.
Minimize time to first byte.
Reduce server response time.
Choose the right hosting option for your needs.
Run a compression audit. and so on.

Increase page scores to 80+ (mobile)
Increase page scores to 90+ (desktop)
Optimize front/back end
Remove unused JavaScript
Eliminate render-blocking resources
Defer offscreen images
Remove unused CSS
Lazy load pages

If interested please feel free to let me know so I can optimize your website professionally. Thanks and Best Regards 

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