Slow shopify store speed SCORE?

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Hi everyone, here's the deal: according to shopify, my store has a "store speed score" of only 32/100 and it also says, I quote, that it is slower on average than other shopify stores. But when I go to a site like gtmetrix to get an audit, my store speed score only gets above average ratings for all categories. Btw, I am using the Konversion paid theme which should be faster than most themes. Also, my store seems pretty fast to me, so why the low score given by shopify? If my store seems as fast as it need to be with a score of only 32, than how much faster would it be if the score was like 70? Doesn't make sense or add up.

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This is an accepted solution.

I recommend you take some time to read the information that Google has on how pagespeed insights creates it's score.

This has information on how the score is calculated, and links to information on all the metrics.

A very key factor to take into account when you say your store is fast to you, is that PageSpeed Insight created its scoring scale based off the universal average for user connection speed. That is to say the global average.

So for countries with low internet prices and good average speed, your average shopify site will load in a breeze, for someone in rural india, it might be unusable. 

Personally I think it was silly of shopify to add the pagespeed score as it just stresses users out, and the current infrastructure shopify has makes it harder really get a high score.


Edit: also most paid themes don't adhere to the up to date standard of pagespeed improvements like non render blocking resources, or avoid jquery and its unneeded 30kb.

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