Something wrong my store?

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Hi! Here's the deal, I have installed the app Lucky Orange on my website to see the recordings from customers interactions with my store, and I don't understand the data I am seeing. After running 3 facebook ad campaigns for 3 different products, I analysed from the recordings that the vast majority of people who visit my store (I would say about 50%), stay "idle" on the product page (meaning little or no interaction before exiting). I test my store all the time and it works just fine, I have even done an audit on gtmetrix to see the speed score and it got above average on all ratings. So the question is, what the hell is this customer behavior that I am seeing? Is this normal?

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My best guess is probably they open it in another tab, or in mobile then leave the page but still have it open.

I've seen some weird stuff in those recordings though haha but good on ye for checking those out, you can get some real good insights.


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