Speed is getting slow (Shopify Score @20)

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I have a speed of 20 on SHopify - how much does it affect conversions? 

I have not found any app that can solve this. Is the Best Solution going to an agency and getting this fixed?

Also. if I use high quality images of products (like more than 1 MB), will it affect the speed?

Please suggest!
Can you check my website thestateplate.com and suggest what I should do?

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You have a lot of images/products on the homepage this will be slowing the loading time do you really need them all, think about lazy load your images and minify your css. also check what apps are slowing the site down then decide if you really need them.

Yes using high res images and not compressing them will effect load times.






Hi @raghavjhawar,

This is Richard - CRO Expert from PageFly Landing Page Builder. I have checked your page with Pagespeed by Google. This is a tool that tracks your speed more strictly than Shopify Analyzation and it turns out that your store have quite low score, which will potentially hurt your SEO cause Google preferred showing high speed sites to the low ones. Please check the result here

The First Contentful Paint score of yours is quite low and this will make your customers drop the page thinking it doesnt work (note: the First Contentful Paint (FCP) is when the browser renders the first bit of content from the DOM, providing the first feedback to the user that the page is actually loading. The question "Is it happening?" is "yes" when the first contentful paint completes). I would suggest you to do those thing to better this score:

  1. Reduce Server Response Time (TTFB) 
  2. Eliminate Render-Blocking Resources. 
  3. Generate Critical Path CSS and Inline It. 
  4. Avoid Script-Based Elements Above-the-Fold. 
  5. Avoid Lazy Loading Above-the-Fold Images. 
  6. Inline Essential Images. ...
  7. Optimize Your Site's DOM Size

About reduce the extra code in theme and CSS, I'd suggest you to have a developer to help you with that (following the problems have been pointed in the PageSpeed result) cause if yo do it alone the theme code will be messed easily (assuming you are not a developer)

Those are some of my recommendations. If you find it useful please give me a like or if you have question please let me know. Here's a guide to help you to better your speed 



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how to lazy load my images?

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The speed score doesn't affect conversions, it's an automated algorithm giving recommendations based on what could be optimized on your site, according to Google Lighthouse.

The score does not correlate to actual speed. It's also heavily based on apps, so for example if you have an app that improves your conversion rate, that app will likely cause the score to go down.

There are apps that can help with performance, but to do it fully you'll need a human to inspect.

Image size affects your load speed, so you definitely don't want 1MB images (that's huge). What you want to do is make the image size fit the container on the site (or make the image size 2x the maximum size of the image container on your page, that will maintain high resolution for retina devices).

Here are some resources to help you out:

1) First I'd run your site through the Shopify Analyzer to see what can be optimized with your theme / images. My team built that tool for the community to provide an easy way to identify optimization issues specifically on Shopify sites, plus free guides on how to solve the problems.

2) Since you mentioned images, make sure you're compressing images. Compression removes excess meta data + uses algorithms to make image files smaller in weight by doing things like combining repeating color patterns. Here's how to compress images: https://speedboostr.com/how-to-compress-images-on-shopify.

3) I would shoot for a Shopify speed score in the 20 - 35 range. This is a typical range we see for successful Shopify stores with an optimized theme that use a few store facing apps to help conversions. The score with that tool is based on Google Lighthouse, which is a general tool not geared well for ecommerce sites. Remember the key goal is higher revenue, not the fastest site in the world, so my recommendation is optimize what's possible, but do not remove apps just to get a higher score.

If you need help from profession Shopify optimization developers, feel free to reach out at speedboostr.com/contact. My team optimizes Shopify sites every day.

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