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Hey everyone.  I've been trying to get my site speed up for months now.  I've just reinstalled the theme and restarted but I'm still getting a very low score of 15.

I've just done a GT Metix test and it's given me an E!!

One of the things I'm being told to do is avoid large layout shifts but I don't even know what that is or how to fix it!   Can someone please have a look and tell me what to do in laymans terms or point me in the direction to someone who can help me.  

Thank you.

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This is an accepted solution.

I ran that url through the Shopify Analyzer - - it looks pretty well optimized already. You can fix the image compression issue pretty easily with this quick guide:

For score of 15, if you're referencing the Shopify speed tool you'll likely always have a low score if you have an engaging site. The score is heavily dependent on the apps you use. Most successful sites my team sees (our expertise is in optimizing Shopify sites - score in the 20's and occasionally the 30's. 

From an outside analysis, it looks like the best thing you can do is remove that heavy hero slider and replace with a single banner image.

The Rewards and Instagram apps contribute to performance lag and likely your speed score, but those are good conversion rate optimization tactics that I would keep (assuming sales are more important than speed for your business).

The layout shift warning you're getting is likely from the slider banner as well. If you put a static image there and define the image height in a container, then it won't shift the layout during page load.

If you need help on any of that feel free to reach out to my team at Our developers are all Shopify focused and do stuff like this every day.

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Wonderful Joe! Thank you so much for your excellent reply! I'm super relieved I don't have any major issues with my site.   Worst thing I can imagine is a slow site! I've fixed the banner and will tweak it a bit!  Thank you!  xx