Which is the best server for a shopify shop?

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I have started an online store and confused about choosing the right server. Does a dedicated server is essential or a VPS server can do the job? I have reached out to a cheap dedicated server provider - Medha hosting https://medhahosting.com/dedicated-servers/ and hope it is best for online store 


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@sojy ,


There are many many options (I've used many before myself)  but I'm currently using Heroku mostly for the synergy between development and deployment. What I would say is, regardless of the system you choose to host on make sure of two things:


1) It's reliable - if you have customers you don't want any kind of outage (like you might get with 'free' hosting where the server sleeps after a time, then wakes up).

2) On that note, if you haven't put an app through the review process as yet, then you want up-time as your app may have trouble passing the review if your server sleeps.



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Shopify's servers are fast and probably the best option for 99% of stores (maybe more than 99%).

If you're on the enterprise level you could build out a custom headless server and/or web app setup and super dial it in. It will be much more expensive and maintenance heavy, and you'll have to custom build some common app functionality, but you get full control of your store and server configurations.

If you went that route my picks would be Amazon AWS, Heroku, or Digital Ocean. If you have a dedicated dev-ops person, Amazon or Digital Ocean can give you more performance for the pricing, otherwise Heroku is easiest to setup and maintain, no dev-ops required.

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