1 Paypal Account, Multiple Stores. Different Look Using "Page Styles"

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I have 1 paypal account, and 5 shopify stores.

The problem with this is, that I can only configure a single look for my "paypal checkout flow" for all 5 stores.

This means someone purchases from my "Pink Widget Store" they see my paypal "Pink Widget Logo & Header" aka (default page style)

But if they purchase fro my "Green Widget Store" they see my paypal "Pink Widget Logo & Header".

This would easily be fixable by adding an option for adding "Page Style" variable to the paypal settings in Shopify.

You can read more about this feature via this paypal documentation:


To change the page style for a button you have already created, you can modify the button's HTML code. Replace the value of the "page_style" variable with the Page Style Name of the style you wish to apply. The next time the button is clicked, its payment pages will appear in the new style. Specifying the "cs" and "image" variables in the button code will also override your Primary page style.


So if you have a single paypal account and multiple shopify stores, you would also find this useful. Please upload and comment +1 if this is a feature you would require.


Others have asked about this in the distant past:


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